Project TikGirl

This is not a New Year's resolution.

Just like many Spurs fan, my eyes welled up when I learned of Tim Duncan's retirement. It was imminent, so to speak. But it still broke hearts.

Much has been said. I just want to say thank you Timmy.

No, I am not crossing over to the other side of the blogging world. (Though, there's nothing wrong with that!)

However, many of my friends (acquaintances, included) are asking how I do my make up, considering that I commute daily, which in itself is a challenge that Metro Manila dwellers have to live up to. The long queues at the train station and the heavy traffic in the major roads is good enough to squeeze out all the energy you have been reserving for the day's work.

My day job, meanwhile, does not offer an opportunity to work in an air-conditioned room for eight or so hours. I go out - to the street rallies, demolition of urban poor communities, among others. I interview people and write down their stories so people would know of their plight and concerns.

But I still find time to do my daily make up routine. Unless, of course, if I am pressed for deadlines or if I am running late.

Below is my take for the everyday look for Pinay commuters:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be kikay for this Project Tikgirl blog entry!

For now, task completed!

A well-deserved selfie after a 40-minute yoga practice
It took a random Google search before I found myself back in the arms of a familiar stranger. And I have been working my ass off since then.

Except around last week of May when I had fever, cough, and colds. I tried my best ignore the symptoms of my trangkaso, hoping it would go away. But then the husband intervened and told me to give in and rest.

I did. So did my exercise.

So for two whole weeks, I was forced to rest and quit running until I was fully well. It would probably have been shorter if not for the fact that I had to squeeze in some leg work and meetings for my day job and other rakets. But as much as possible, I rest whenever I can.

It was weird because just when I was doing my daily running routine, which at times is coupled with a 15-minute yoga practice, that I got seriously sick. I still don't have explanation for that. But as the old saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade." And so I had to rest.

It was a bit frustrating since I was practicing for a supposed 10K run for a fundraising event for Ateneo. I still ran during the event but took the 3K race instead (It deserves a separate blog entry!)

Today, I am determined more than ever to start exercising again. I thought it would be hard and that it would entail a lot of time from my end. And before I realized it, I was back in my mat.

So proud. (Tears!)

Task completed.
Photo grabbed from:
Funny how your old self finds its way to you.

Just the other day, I was Googling random things when I found my way to this old blog. I was lost for words when I realized how and why I lost my determination to live a healthy lifestyle. The thing is that I worked so hard before to get that state of mind and before I realized it -- it's all gone.

Though I look after what I eat, I no longer have regular exercise. Now I am back to a not-so-good and a not-so-bad weight of 130 pounds. My BMI states that I am still good but it is just several pounds away from being overweight.

It was an eyeopener. I have to get my act together before it is too late -- again.

And yes, I am back.

Task completed.
Human beings are social beings. 

These are big words I Learned way back from high school. I know it would seem unlikely for a running enthusiast like me to mention it Because running is a physical activity that one can do alone. But are we really alone?

I have met so many people engaged in running and most of them run to stay fit while s ome just want to shed off extra pounds.  (Note that I made ​​a distinction Between staying fit and losing weight. You Should They know by now that ' re not one and the same.) 

I met one runner who started running after losing His dad to cardiac arrest. It was such a big blow (I'm sure) that it ticked off His hormones and he run everyday since then. Last time I heard he joined an ultramarathon race - 100 kilometers, I'm not kidding! 

I, on the other hand, run to stay fit. But I also join races, especially those that are for a good cause Such as my Alma Mater's recent family run, are priority aimed to raise scholarship funds for THEIR poor but deserving students. 

Though I can not choose to run alone, I prefer joining races. I do not just run for the heck of it but to also contribute to others.  The sense of community that it GIVES to runners is truly priceless. So every time I run - even if I am alone (in the technical sense) - I know in my heart that I am not truly alone.

With all the challenges that the country is facing - and do not you forget that the government is on its way to privatize 26 public hospitals - what we need are healthy Filipino people with big hearts for those who have been left behind by the so-called development. 

If I have the resources, I would like to organize a run. Proceeds, of course, would go to those who are in need. For the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda? For the mothers seeking shelter and Grace to be Born? For the children residing in poor urban communities? The list goes on and on.

If there's one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift? Blog and get that wish granted.  Read the mechanics here. 

For now, the task completed.