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Tikgirl gets a 'Mana 7' upgrade

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Last weekend, I received an early Christmas gift from the self-proclaimed Project Tikboy. It was a gift I was already expecting because for the past few months I have done nothing but complain about the need for a new pair of running shoes. So lo and behold, my first ever racing shoes -- Adidas Adizero Mana 7.

I have yet to use this beauty. I was supposed to give it a try last Sunday but the bed weather got the best of me. Hopefully, sometime this week! I did a bit of research about the Mana 7. Sad to tell, however, that it's a bit hard to find reviews about this online. Perhaps because this is not the top of the line among the ranks of Adidas' running shoes. Not complaining here, just saying.

Honestly, I would have preferred to go for the Adios series (the one that uses Continental for its sole) but it was no longer available at the Adidas outlet. Sad. But the Mana 7 looked promising.

Like Adios, it's also part of the Adizero family, that features the use of lightweight materials to provide maximum breathability. The Mana series provide a forefoot running support, which I would be practicing for my training for my next half marathon, while providing heel support with its AdiPRENE technology.

But most of all, it only weighs 260 grams. It was so light I kept checking the box if the Adidas salesman really placed my pair of rubber shoes inside the box. Haha.

Self-proclaimed Project Tikboy also bought a pair of Mana 7 for himself. So, for the lack of a better term, we now have couple shoes. Sweet.

I asked the salesman if they have other available colors for the Mana 7 for women. He said in Filipino, "Pink looks fine on you ma'am." But I said, "It's too girly." He stared at me, probably confused. And Project Tikboy broke the awkward silence when he said, "She's not a girl." LOL.

I'm so excited to use it! Task completed.

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