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This is not a New Year's resolution.

Everyday look for Pinay commuters

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No, I am not crossing over to the other side of the blogging world. (Though, there's nothing wrong with that!)

However, many of my friends (acquaintances, included) are asking how I do my make up, considering that I commute daily, which in itself is a challenge that Metro Manila dwellers have to live up to. The long queues at the train station and the heavy traffic in the major roads is good enough to squeeze out all the energy you have been reserving for the day's work.

My day job, meanwhile, does not offer an opportunity to work in an air-conditioned room for eight or so hours. I go out - to the street rallies, demolition of urban poor communities, among others. I interview people and write down their stories so people would know of their plight and concerns.

But I still find time to do my daily make up routine. Unless, of course, if I am pressed for deadlines or if I am running late.

Below is my take for the everyday look for Pinay commuters:

Thank you so much for allowing me to be kikay for this Project Tikgirl blog entry!

For now, task completed!

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  1. Ms Ja. I love your blog entries! Blog ka naman about how to get Schengen visa, di ba you're currently travelling. Please, please. Planning to go to Amsterdam . Loves