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Yoga, more than just burning calories

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Finally got to attend yoga with my friends. They have been inviting me to attend their sessions for nearly two months now but I would always have coverage or trips during Saturdays. Yesterday, I got a chance to join their practice. I borrowed Tey's extra mat since I haven't bought my own.

First of, yoga is not easy.

I've seen it on magazines and lifestyle shows. But I never realized how hard it was until the yoga session began. A few times, Tey went over to check on my wobbling legs and told me to straighten it. Oh boy, I was sweating profusely and I was so thankful that Tey lent me clothes. Otherwise, no one would want to sit next to me on my ride back home.

Goofing around with my new yoga mat
Secondly, it takes so much determination.

You really have to concentrate, breathe as you move. It was the first time in recent years that I listened that attentively. Last time was probably during my Radio Production class back in college, when the tone-deaf me was assigned to make a smooth fade from one music to another and Ms. Abanto, our professor, would call my attention and say, "too abrupt."

Since it was my first time and not yet that familiar with the poses, I would glimpse on how the others are faring and correct my posture if necessary. I also accidentally inhaled twice because I forgot to exhale. Haha.
The tree pose and the kawawa pose. Lols.
The next concern now is if doing yoga could help one lose weight. My web research tells me that yoga cannot burn as much calories compared to cardiovascular exercises such as running and even walking. The usual suspect -- WebMD -- tells me that a 150-pound person can burn 150 calories during a 30-minute yoga compared to 311 calories lost to walking at a speed of 3 mph.

But my take on this is that no matter how slow you go, you are still leaving behind everyone who would prefer the luxury of their couch, chips and movie marathon.

Besides, yoga is not just for weight loss. It's also for your mind's health. It takes you away from your stressful everyday routine. Though, to be honest, I have yet to experience that kind of tranquility. I was still distracted during my first yoga session -- too worried over my poses, too conscious when to inhale and exhale. Hopefully, I'll do much better in the coming days.

But what I really enjoyed was the feeling after the yoga session. It felt heavenly.

Today, on my way to the office, I dropped by at a nearby grocery store to buy my own yoga mat. I'm excited for the next session!

For now, task completed.

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