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The run I nearly fainted

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Well, look who's back. But not in mint condition.

Photo is not mine. Courtesy of We Run for Good Health 

I must admit that I did not train for this run. It felt like -- hey, I already survived 21K why train for 10k? And of course I needed reminding that I was wrong during the race itself. I felt really really great during the first five kilometers. As soon as we hit the 5K marker, I checked my watch and could not believe my eyes because it said 35 minutes. That was one of my best 5K run, ever. I finished my first 5K run with 7-11 in 42 minutes.

But the next 5K turned horrible.

I was still doing relatively good until my seventh or eighth kilometer of the race. But I thought I would faint during my last kilometer. I thought I was going to die in my last 250 meters of the race. If there's anything I need to be thankful about is that Nike We Run is a buddy race and the self proclaimed Project Tikboy did not leave me during the entire race (even if he can).

With the self-proclaimed Project Tikboy.

As I have said, I admit that I did have time to prepare for the run. Three weeks ago, Typhoon Yolanda hit several provinces in the Visayas Region. And I volunteered to cover the aftermath of the storm. (There are no words to describe the devastation.) When I returned to Manila, I had to write the reports, among others, leaving me no chance to train for the race.

Another factor is that it was too hot during the race. While running, I could hear other runners complain of the humidity. I don't think I was hydrated enough for that kind of humidity. On normal days, I can run at UP Academic Oval for 11 kilometers without stopping, without the need for hydration in the middle of the run. But not last Sunday. I stopped twice during the run to refuel.

I also had difficulties with route. Though I appreciate that it was a new route and that the cheers of the children somehow rejuvenated me, many parts of the route was too narrow for the number of runners. We bumped on each other a lot. I was part of the second wave and a lot of participants started walking after a minute or so.

Enough said. It still boiled down to my lack of training. So to all my fellow running enthusiasts, please don't follow my footsteps. It's not a healthy one and it could even lead to a more serious situation, which, as of the moment, I don't even want to discuss.

Best 10K run so far

That being said, I must say that I'm still happy that I finished the 10K run in 1 hour 25 minutes. I am waiting for the official result and will post them here, of course.

Kudos to Nike for organizing the run. Too bad we did not join the after party. There were too many people and the humidity is not making the atmosphere any more favorable. Looking forward to my next run and I swear to the highest form of being that I would never join a marathon ever again without proper training.

For now, task completed.

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