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Why I run

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This is a long overdue blog post that I have been meaning to write since I attended the launch of Multisport's Running 101. During the event, Multisport EIC Patrick Joson asked us why we are into running.

To my surprise, I could not find the perfect words to describe how and why I decided to give it a chance.

I was never into sports. I think I've shared that in this blog time and again. During my high school days, I envied my classmates who were excused from our classes so they can play volleyball or badminton for school activities during intrams. But that envy did not progress into anything else -- like wanting to give it a try. I guess I only envied them because one of the perks was skipping classes.

My poor regards for engaging in sports continued and possibly worsened as time passed by.

During my second year in college, we were asked by our professor to sign up for the activity we wish to join for the intrams. Would you believe that I signed up to be part of the -- audience? Haha. So there I was, cheering for my classmates, eating in the gym's bleacher and having a good time.

It was my weight issue that alarmed me and pushed me to live a more active lifestyle. But I was lost. Since I do not know how to play any sports, I did not know where to begin. Until a roommate gave us free passes to a 5K race of 711 run back in 2012.

We trained hard for that 5K race. Everyday, me and my running buddy Shiela would wake up at 5:00 a.m. to jog at the CCP grounds. It was very difficult. I would run and then walk every 100 meters. But I eventually improved. Like a snail, I worked hard no matter how slow my progress was.

Running, after all, was a kind of sports that required the least hand-eye coordination. I don't need to hit a ball or go running after a shuttlecock. All I needed to do was to run, run and run. How can I possibly go wrong?

After crossing the finish line during my first ever 5K race, I was very ecstatic. I was tired but relaxed in a way. It was like getting a perfect score for an Algebra quiz and possibly even better. I was committed to experience that kind of "high" in the soonest possible time. And so I joined more races and trained harder.

One of the most obvious benefits of running is losing weight. But for that to take place, proper diet should accompany running. I committed the same mistake during my first few months of running. I used running as an excuse to eat more and I became heavier. So that's a big no-no.

Running also improved my sleeping habits. Though, too bad, I also have a hard time finishing my articles because as soon as the clock strikes 10 p.m., my eyes would start to droop. It also provided me a personal space and most of the time, while running, I get to go through my problems and think of possible solutions.

Here's a funny video I found this morning:

Running has become a big part of my life right now. Sometimes, I think I am crabbier whenever I don't get to run at least once a week, especially when I have a very tight schedule. I hope you'll find running as interesting as I do. 

For now, task completed.

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