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This is not a New Year's resolution.

So where to start... again?

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A well-deserved selfie after a 40-minute yoga practice
It took a random Google search before I found myself back in the arms of a familiar stranger. And I have been working my ass off since then.

Except around last week of May when I had fever, cough, and colds. I tried my best ignore the symptoms of my trangkaso, hoping it would go away. But then the husband intervened and told me to give in and rest.

I did. So did my exercise.

So for two whole weeks, I was forced to rest and quit running until I was fully well. It would probably have been shorter if not for the fact that I had to squeeze in some leg work and meetings for my day job and other rakets. But as much as possible, I rest whenever I can.

It was weird because just when I was doing my daily running routine, which at times is coupled with a 15-minute yoga practice, that I got seriously sick. I still don't have explanation for that. But as the old saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade." And so I had to rest.

It was a bit frustrating since I was practicing for a supposed 10K run for a fundraising event for Ateneo. I still ran during the event but took the 3K race instead (It deserves a separate blog entry!)

Today, I am determined more than ever to start exercising again. I thought it would be hard and that it would entail a lot of time from my end. And before I realized it, I was back in my mat.

So proud. (Tears!)

Task completed.

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