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This is not a New Year's resolution.

Tikgirl goes to Legazpi

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Welcome to my birthplace, the beautiful city of Legazpi.

It's nearly 10 years since I last visited my family here -- and, of course, the ever majestic Mayon Volcano. I almost forgot how it stood proudly in the center of Albay. But, as Councilor Celoy Chan points out, there are many other activities we can do here. 

Inside the Japanese-built tunnel in Lignon Hill. Super cold and scary inside, especially when with your granny who scared us to death when she narrative harrowing tales during the World War II. Yikes.

My family. I heart.

A well-deserved trip for Tikgirl. Task completed.

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2 (mga) komento

  1. Inggit! Gusto kong pumunta! Been to Sorsogon end of last year pero gusto ko pumunta ng Legazpi! Punta tayo!

    1. What did you do in Sorsogon? Hindi pa ako nakapunta dun ah! Haha! Taralets!