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ProFriends Run and security for runners

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My first 10K run wasn't that bad. My official time is 1 hour, 26 minutes. WOOT!

Aside from the fact that this is my first time to do a 10K run, it's also my first time to join a running event organized by Our route is similar to our Cafe France run. But since I was doing a 10K run, we had to do the 5K route twice.

The first loop went well. But my second was disastrous. Members of the events organizers were already hiding from the sunlight. So many left their posts, leaving the Pasay City traffic enforcers to do the job alone. Well, if you check how bad the traffic flow is in Buendia and in Libertad, you would know they're not the best there is.

As a result, I was nearly hit twice -- by a taxi and a private SUV -- during my second loop. Pasay traffic enforcers allowed some of the cars to pass and cross the event's route. And since they were caught in "heavy traffic," the drivers were not very cooperative in waiting patiently until no participants were in sight.

It was good thing that I'm not the kind of runner who wears headphones and plays loud music. So my attention was fully concentrated on the run and on my safety. Otherwise it would have been my fatal end.

I believe this is a big lapse in the security. Just last year, triathlon athlete Sandra Araullo Gonzales and husband Peter was hit by a car in a running event in Cebu. Both of them suffered multiple injuries and were brought to a hospital. This should serve as a lesson to all organizers, but apparently not for this event.

Overall, the run was still a success. I finished it without losing or breaking my limb.

And, most of all, I am happy because my friend Shiela won first place in the female 10K category. What's even more amusing is that she won without even trying at all. For her, it was her "normal" pace. Well, not for me. Haha. Her official time is 1 hour 5 minutes. Very good!!!

For now, task completed.

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