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This is not a New Year's resolution.

Depression kicks in

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I knew it would come to this. And I wasn't prepared for it. I am getting more and more impatient on why -- and I must admit now -- I am not losing significant amount of weight despite my efforts to stay fit. It leaves me wondering what am I doing wrong.

I won't deny, however, that it is partly my fault too. I don't run that much anymore.

Well, I still do. But not almost everyday like when I first started. I'm afraid that I'm slowly falling into the trap of my New Year's Resolution Syndrome, which I never would want to happen. Maybe that's why I'm blogging it, hoping somewhere around the world I'll get a holler and boost my confidence and will to do this.


Moving on. I finally found the result of the ProFriends Run.

You can view the rest of the result here.

I need to beat my 10K record in my next run on March 3, which will be sponsored by the American Chamber Foundation Philippines. They are giving away medals for the first 100 finishers for every distance category. Judging by how I fared in the ProFriends run, I have a lot of preparation and training to do to land in the Scholarun 2013's first 100.

And for those who are interested, my weight is down to 138.25 lbs from 142.2 some three weeks ago. Task  completed.

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