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Weighing the weight issue

By 3:10:00 PM

It's been nearly two and a half months since I started Project Tikgirl. A lot has changed -- especially on my eating habits and lifestyle.

But one thing I am most proud of is how I managed to lose weight. It wasn't my sole intention but, of course, it is expected that I will shed off a few pounds when I started this project. And, at least for me, it is also a gauge if I am doing the right thing. 

I was 140.2 lbs when I started Project Tikgirl. My friend Cy's digital bathroom scale said so too. During my preparation for the AmCham run, I was down to 138.25 lbs. And, now, I am down to 60.6 kg or roughly 133.32 lbs. WOOT!

I know that the figures are not that impressing -- 6.88 lbs for nearly two and a half months. But, come to think of it, that's still 6.88 lbs! Maybe, if I didn't bother to impose all these troubles on me, I may have gained it instead. 

The game plan is to do it slowly but surely.

Follow my Instagram account -- Instagram @jaellao. Task completed.

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