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Our run last Sunday, sponsored by the American Chamber Foundation Philippines, turned out as one of the best running events I have ever attended.

I know I said in my previous blog that I didn't like how organized the ProFriends Run last February 17. (Read: ProFriends and security for runners) But this time, it turned out to be a great one.

At first, I was a bit frustrated because we can't find our way to the venue. We were not alone. We met fellow runners who also can't find their way. First of all, we are not really that familiar with the place. Secondly, the landmarks in the map they provided are not really "landmarks." Maybe, it would have been easier if they indicated Bonifacio High Street or Serendra as a point of reference -- since it's one of the few places most first time runners at the Bonifacio Global City are familiar with.

Then, it started to rain shortly after I arrived at the venue. I am not worried that I may need to run under the rain. I was more worried that the organizers would cancel the event. No! And they didn't.

I enjoyed running while it was drizzling. It was also cooler though Mike insists that it turned out to be more humid (because he said our sweat can't evaporate, which would normally give our body a cooling effect -- whatever Mr. Einstein!)

Aside from superb security and efficiency of the organizers' team, I also enjoyed my new route at BGC. Kudos to AmCham and

Here's our official time:

This kind of run -- is exactly what I needed the most. It was a "dark" period in my life. So I'm super thankful that this run helped me mend my heart and keep up the promises I have made nearly six years ago.

Photo courtesy of Shiela Coo. Task completed.

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