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Janess NOT James | BDO Race for Life

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It wasn't that long ago since we last joined a running event but it definitely felt that way. Maybe because I've not been practicing enough and -- as you can see -- it reflected on the result of my last 10K run for BDO's Race for Life.

In my Runrio and the need for motivation post, I said that I only had the chance to practice once days before the Unilab run. My official time was 1:25:32. This time, I got to practice thrice and got 1:26:12. What is happening to me?

Of course, I can always put the blame to a lot of things. For one, the race did not provide enough hydration station and that celebrity Xian Lim distracted me during my run -- not one, but twice. Hehe. But it would always boil down to one thing: I am not trying hard enough.

I need to push myself harder, most especially if I want to join a 21K run this July. If this laziness and lack of will continues, I won't be able to meet my goal. And that sucks big time.

Generally, I'm happy with how Without Limits organized the event. Kudos to you guys. Though it would have been better if you provided the runners with more hydration station, especially when we're running under this terrible, terrible hot day.

And before I forget, I remember smiling at every photographer I saw during the run. But none of it was on their Facebook page. Sad. But this guy down here got TWO photos!!! Haha.

Bawal umiyak. Bawal gumulong. LOL. Mike during his 21K run
last Sunday for BDO's race for Life.
(Photo grabbed from Without Limits Facebook Page)

I ranked 419th out of the 527 runners. Boyfriend Mike and his boss Tito, who joined the 21K run, ranked 302 and 299 out of the 394 runners, respectively. The rest of the race results for BDO's Race for Life is available here.

Got this for making it to the first 500 runners of the 10K category! Woot!
Task completed.

I am Janess, not James.

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6 (mga) komento

  1. Ja! Sama ako sa next run na sasalihan mo! :D

    1. Ligaya!!! We just signed up for the NatGeo run on April 28 (Tama ba?) Sign up na. Check for details my loviedabs. Basta bawal madapa ha?

    2. Hahaha! Siyempre di ko naman goal ang madapa di ba. First time kong madapa in all my years of running kaya it hurts my pride as much as it hurts physically! Nekenemen! Hahaha. Nagcheck ako, 700 for 10k, ang mahal! Wit ko afford!

    3. Yung totoo lang ah? At dahil sa "Nekenemen" mo napapakanta ako ng "Neseye ne eng lehet..." CHOS. Sige na! Gawin mo lang kahit once a month!!! Taraletssssssssss Ligaya!

    4. Gusto ko pramis! Gusto ko rin ng medal! Hahaha. Pero ako nga ay maa-unemploy na, mahirap ang buhay! Pero I want! Ano kayang internal organ ang pwede kong ibenta? Hahaha

    5. Nyahahahahahhahah!!! Walang bibili ng internal organs mo kasi maliit! Lol!!!