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For the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing

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I woke up early today to run with my buddy Shiela. And the first thing that greeted me in my Twitter homepage is a news brief on the explosion that hit the Boston Marathon. The idea didn't sink into me immediately. But while running -- I thought to myself -- did I get that right? Was there really a bombing at THE Boston Marathon?

As soon as we got home, Shiela and I googled it and found this video. We were shocked. And I'm sure many people around the globe felt the same way.

As of this writing, three are reported dead while about 144 were wounded. This is definitely a sad, sad day, especially for many running enthusiasts. I hope that authorities would conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that justice would be served to the family and friends of the victims.

The US government said they will treat this incident as an act of terrorism, though investigation is still going on. In this light, aside from the bombing in the Boston Marathon, I also pray for the victims of bombings and drone strikes in various countries around the world. It is so infuriating. All these greed must come to an end.

Task completed.

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