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#KOTRPH2013 result is out!

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Finally got my hands on the result of the Adidas King of the Road 2013. I am, naturally, disappointed with how I fared. But it wasn't that surprising, really. I have nothing else to do but to train harder if I want to proceed and increase my running distance to 21K by October.

Here are the fast facts as posted in Pro-active's website:

You burned approximately 1044.29 calories during your 168k run.
You finished the race in 02:42:21
Your rank is 0 out of 3,617 runners in this category. Your rank percentile is 100%
Your rank is 6,852 out of 7,098 runners in this event. Your rank percentile is 3.47%
You ranked 2,246 out of 2,366 runners who are the same gender as you. Your rank percentile is 5.07%
Your average speed is 6.21 kph
Your average time per km is 9m 39s

My running buddy Shiela finished her 16.8K with 2 hours and 5 minutes. But I couldn't find Mike's. Task compeleted.

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