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Running at night

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It's lame, I know. But lately I find it hard to wake up early in the morning to do my usual run with buddy Shiela. Most of the time, I either don't hear my alarm clock ringing or click it to stop and wake up around 7 to 8:00 in the morning -- too late for a morning run.

So for the past few weeks, me and Mike would run at night. At times, it would be as "early" as 6:00 in the evening or as late as 9 or 10 p.m. It's a bit difficult to adjust, especially because one has more stored energy in the morning and, running in the evening, would of course means that I came from a whole day's work. 

And while I still prefer the morning run, I'm getting used to running in the evening. Here are some noted benefits:

1. There's no sun! 
Yes, that's a big deal. My mom has been constantly complaining about my relatively darker skin complexion since I started running. Though I don't think it has something to do with my new hubby but because my day job as a journalist demands that I would have to stay under the sun during a coverage. But to give my mom that peace of mind surely is a good thing. And that goes to other runners who are particular to their skin complexion -- running at night would leave you no excuses!

2. Cooler breeze
I'm not sure if this is primarily because of the rainy season we have but it's relatively cooler to run in the evening. And it's not just because you're concerned with the sweat and all. But because it helps your muscle to run more efficiently. 

3. Better sleep
A good evening run equates to a good night of sleep. In fact, I would almost always have long, "dreamless" nights every time I run in the evening. Not sure about you guys!

But, again, I'd still prefer to run in the morning. There are more benefits and the three I listed above would not stand a chance, I tell you. I'm just praying and hoping I can overcome whatever laziness I am feeling for the past few weeks. Haha. 

All I'm saying is that there are no reasons not run. 

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