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Nike We Run result is out

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Finally the result of the Nike We Run is out. Though I already know -- more or less -- how I fared in the race, nothing beats the joy of doing a screenshot of the official result and posting it here on my blog.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed that this is the only thing I found in the results page. You may access yours by clicking here.

The race used D-Tag for runners and it was hard to believe that the only thing I'll find here is my gun time and chip time. Last time I joined a race that used a D-Tag, which was during the third leg of this year's Run United, the results page had loads of geeky stuff I really loved. Check out my post here.

I hope that this is not the end of it. And that people are still working on our stats, not that mine is so good, but it's still my stats.

Other runners are also complaining that the ranking should have been based on the chip time, not the gun time. It is, they said in a web forum, unfair for those who were part of the second and third wave of the race. I must say that I agree with them.

But to be honest, it is hardly my concern. My take on this, and may I remind everyone that I am entitled to my own opinion,  is that I am not running to compete with others. First of all, I don't stand a chance. Secondly, I only need to beat my personal record. I don't need their official ranking. I just need to check my previous blog entries.

It wouldn't hurt, however, if I get my stats on the percentage of male runners I managed to leave behind. It gives me a sense of girl power. So please, please Nike people! Give us more stats!

Task completed.

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