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Multisport's Running 101 launched

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This morning I attended the launch of Multisport's Running 101, a special edition for those who want to get started on running. Multisport is one of the magazines under the Hinge Inquirer Publications.

Running 101 is a magazine every newbie runner like me should get their hands on. It provides tips and training programs from no less than the likes of running and fitness coaches like Jay Valencia, Patrick Concepcion, Gerard Pizarras, Jaymie Pizarro (my idol, ehem), among others. 

Secondly, the tips I got so far are that practical one can give it a try the following day. I hate it whenever I read articles on running that sounds too idealistic or even dreamy. What every newbie runner like me wants are tips that are as easy as understanding go, slow down and stop. We don't want to spend more time trying to dissect these dreamy information than actually do it, right?

The write ups were written in a very inviting tone just like how they used to write articles on triathlon. I find their previous articles on triathlon very interesting even if I don't see myself doing it in the near future (I don't know how to swim.) 

Same goes for Running 101. It invites the readers to run because, as Multisport's editor-in-chief Patrick Joson puts it, not everyone can be a triathlete but everyone can run. 

Lastly, Multisport is for free. Unfortunately, I don't know where to get a copy because I usually get mine from The Village Country Club. (No, I am not a member but a friend is. Hihi). 

There are loads of points that Joson and other speakers raised this morning. And I'd be posting another blog entry for that. For now, I have to hit the road. Task completed.

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