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This is not a New Year's resolution.

Results are out!

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It's out! It's out!

The result of the 7-11 800 run is out! And my stats are not that bad for (technically) a first timer.

That's me, Shiela and Em-em in our
finisher's shirt. Proud moments.
(Photo grabbed from Shie's Facebook)
My official time is 42:20. And I ranked 567th out of the 1216 participants in the 5K Beginner category.

I am also relatively faster compared to other women who joined this category. I ranked 175th out of the 512 women.

And, my overall pace is 8:22 per kilometer.

As for my friends Shiela and Em-Em, their official time is 37:37 and 44:43, respectively.

Boyfriend Mike, on the other hand, got 39:17. See, he's just three minutes ahead of me! I remember how he couldn't believe how he was just a few minutes ahead of me, saying I was fast. Whoa. Well. Well. Well.

As for me, task completed.

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