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This is not a New Year's resolution.

A shocking revelation

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No amount of preparation could ever prepare me to what I was about to know. My weight.

Sadly, I am now 135 lbs -- a far cry my 120 lbs weight 10 years ago. (It was that long ago???) It was definitely disappointing and depressing.  Somehow, I felt that I shouldn't have gone to check it because I might lose my will to keep my promise of living healthy and losing weight.

It did.

It keeps me alive. 
An online site that calculates BMI says I am not yet overweight. My BMI is 23.9. It's still within range of the normal weight but at the mercy of a few pounds of sweets. But the nominal value still made me sad.

Right after playing badminton with my friends last Friday, I munched french fries at a nearby fast food restaurant. My friend Joy told me, "That french fries is evil. It has carbs, oil and salt."

I wanted to tell her that I didn't care anymore but good thing they were all optimistic that I could keep up to this challenge.

Somehow, I think I can do it.

The only thing that's keeping me alive in this struggle these days is the upcoming five-kilometer fun run on Sunday. I've been training hard for it, waking up early everyday to jog for at least an hour. I also have "Fitness Friday" with my friends, where we play badminton near our college school.

My preparation for the fun run deserves a separate entry. Earlier today, I got my running kit. And I am so excited to wear my shirt. For now, it's task completed.

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